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Great Spots in Your Home to Use Ceramic Tiles

When most people think of ceramic tiles, they picture a versatile flooring option. While that is true, ceramic tiles are also useful on walls. On top of that, you may be surprised by the number of spaces to use ceramic tiles. When it comes down to it, there is no wrong space to use this type of tile, thanks to its durability and style. That said, placing the tile in some locations is more popular than in others.  

Kitchen Floor

 Perhaps the most obvious place to use ceramic tiles is on your kitchen floor. This takes advantage of its gorgeous appearance, low maintenance requirements, and ability to withstand heavy foot traffic.  

Kitchen Backsplash

 The kitchen backsplash is an example of how you can use ceramic tiles on a wall to create a gorgeous yet durable design. The durability and low-maintenance nature of the material will make it easy to keep the backsplash clean.  

Kitchen Island Sides

 Does your kitchen have an island? Consider making the sides of the island more attractive with some beautiful ceramic tiles. This is a great way to add a pop of color to the kitchen island.  

Bathroom Floor

 There are plenty of spaces in the bathroom perfect for ceramic tiles, starting with the floor. This space traditionally has tile floors as they are water-resistant. Ceramic is a great choice due to its style, durability, and numerous other benefits.  

Bathroom Shower

 Extend the ceramic tile in the bathroom to the shower. It is great for both the walls of your shower and the floor. However, you may want to use different tiles for each of these surfaces to help separate them visually.  

Bathroom Walls

 Everyone has their own preference for bathroom walls. While some people prefer paint, others prefer tile. If you are in the latter category, consider ceramic.  


 If your house has a mudroom, you should definitely consider ceramic tiles for that space. This will let you make the most of the easy-to-clean nature of the material, as well as its durability.  

Laundry Room

 Putting ceramic tiles in your laundry room gives you confidence that the vibrations of the washing machine won’t damage your floor. It also makes cleanup easy if you spill some detergent.  


 Putting ceramic tiles on the floor of your entryway gives you the same benefits as installing them in a mudroom, including durability. Plus, ceramic tiles will make the space easy to clean. On top of that, choosing the right design and style of tile for this space will ensure you make a good first impression on your guests.  

Fireplace Surround

 While you don’t want to put ceramic tiles in your fireplace, they look gorgeous and are practical around it. Choosing elegant tiles or smaller ones in a pretty pattern will help ensure your fireplace is a focal point.  

Bar Area

 If you have a bar area, consider putting smaller ceramic tiles along the wall to create a visually appealing pattern. Or put the tile on the floor for durability and fewer concerns about spills.  

Outdoor Patio

 In addition to being great inside your home, ceramic tile is versatile and durable enough to also work outside of your home. For example, consider using it to tile your outdoor patio. Just be sure to choose tile specifically designed for outdoor use and complete the installation according to outdoor-use instructions.

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