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How Long Does Ceramic Flooring Last?

Are you interested in having new flooring installed? Do you want a product that wears well and lasts a long time? If you answered yes to these two questions, then ceramic tile is an excellent choice. This type of tile offers many additional benefits, such as versatility, affordability, and easy maintenance.

Things to Consider About Ceramic Tile

With any consumer product, quality plays a key role in how well it functions and how long it lasts. The same applies to ceramic tile. That’s why it’s important to purchase the tile from a reputable manufacturer or distributor. You will get not only a superior product but also at a competitive price. Beyond buying from a respected source, you want to have your floor professionally installed. Although laying a ceramic floor isn’t overly complicated, it’s always best to have an expert handle the job. For one thing, the finished project will look amazing. For another, a professional installer knows both what to do and not to do to prevent problems down the road. Also, you’ll need to consider specific factors such as size, color, texture, and finish. Even if you go through a trusted manufacturer/distributor, ask for a sample piece. That way, you can get a realistic visual before you buy multiple tiles. Often, people change their minds about one factor or another after receiving a sample. So, take advantage of this opportunity. Fortunately, ceramic tile is incredibly easy to maintain. Simply fill a bucket with hot water, half a tablespoon of dish soap, and one-half cup of vinegar. After mopping with this, go over the floor with clean water. Also, if you notice any slight cracks, have them repaired right away. Depending on the crack’s severity, you might be able to repair it with a product sold by the manufacturer/distributor. Otherwise, you can have it fixed by an expert. Remember, it’s difficult to damage ceramic tile. Therefore, cracks, pits, and other surface defects don’t occur very often.

Now for the Drum Roll

Okay, you can see why ceramic flooring is so popular. However, there’s another reason. It can last a lifetime. In 2007, the Study of Life Expectancy of Home Components published a report on ceramic tile. That report, generated by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), included a remarkable claim. Are you ready? According to NAHB, when you buy quality ceramic tile and have it professionally installed, it’ll last a lifetime. That doesn’t mean 30 or 40 years but rather, anywhere from 75 to 100 years. So, when you invest in this type of flooring, you can enjoy it your entire life. If you decide to sell the property, the new owners can then appreciate it for a long time, too.

We Have Outstanding Ceramic Tile Available

To enjoy a ceramic floor that lasts upward of 75 years, allow us to help you select the right product. As a highly respected manufacturer and distributor of ceramic tile and more, we take immense pride in our products. For personalized service, contact Club Ceramic today. We guarantee a superior product along with outstanding support.

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