How long to tile your home

How Much Time Do You Need to Re-tile Your Home?

Putting ceramic tiles on your house’s floors is the best way to turn a room from drab to fab. Though there are other cheaper options, such as linoleum flooring, nothing beats the beauty of ceramic tiles in your house. These tiles are pleasing to look at, giving any room character. Tiles are durable and versatile, and they are low-maintenance and long-lasting.

 If you decide to remove old tiles from your floors, choose a design and style you’ll love for a long time. Ceramic tiles are durable enough to last a lifetime. If you re-tile the floor with these tiles, they will likely last forever. Choosing high-quality tiles is also cost-effective since you’ll never have to spend on the floor ever again.


The Time It Takes to Re-tile a Home

 Many factors affect the length of time it would take to install ceramic tiles at your home. It isn’t easy to accurately measure the time you need to finish this project. Professionals would know how much time it will take to re-tile any room in your house. However, even their estimations can be affected by several factors, such as the weather, leaks, and equipment problems.

 The standard time for re-tiling a 40-square-foot space is around eight hours. You will also need one hour for the preparation per job, one hour for layout, and three to four hours for grouting and cleaning. Then, there’s another 24 hours between installation and grouting. But that’s for standard tiling (meaning, a clean slate).

 If you are re-tiling the floors, you need to consider the time it’ll take to remove the old tiles and the adhesive and cement under them. That task will probably last for days, depending on how many people work on your floor.

 What factors are to be considered when measuring the time it’ll take to re-tile the floor? Aside from the fact that you need to spend days removing old tiles, you also need to calculate the size of the tiles. The larger the tiles, the faster the installation process. If you want smaller tiles, that will take more time. But remember that choosing the right size of the ceramic tiles will also largely depend on the size of the room and the overall design and theme. You can’t select bigger tiles if you don’t have the space for them.

 Cutting tiles also takes time. If the room has an unusual shape, you need to cut the tiles to fit perfectly. If you can find tiles that fit an unusual room shape, that’s better. Otherwise, it will also take hours to cut the tiles to fit the room’s corners. The orientation of the tiles will also affect the process. Diagonal tiling is attractive, but it also lengthens the time it takes to finish a room.


The Takeaway

 Retiling your home will take time, but it will be worth it. New ceramic tiles will add elegance to any room in your home. Even an old house will look refreshed with new tiles. It doesn’t take as much time as one would think, so it’s important to consider all factors before diving into this home project.

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