Porcelain Tiles

How to Make the Most Out of Your Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are a new type of ceramic tiles. It is finer and denser and is fired at higher temperatures. At first glance, ceramic tiles are thin and fragile. It feels like you can break it with a snap. And somehow, that is true, so installers have to be careful in handling it. However, porcelain tiles take on the strength of the cement on which the tiles were molded. 

Many homeowners and commercial owners use porcelain tiles because of their durability. Since they last for a long time, it only means that they save more in the long run despite spending more on the cost of the tiles and installation now. Since porcelain tiles are a significant investment, how can you maximize them?

 Choose a Style That Will Last for a Long Time 

Porcelain tiles are meant to last long. When you decide to install them, use the style you want. Do you want a checkerboard or a geometric pattern? What color should you use for your kitchen, garage, living room, and bedrooms? 

The durability of porcelain tiles does not only mean they will last for a long time. It also means that removing them will be extra hard when you change your mind about the style you want. Do not waste your time and energy renovating your homes because you did not like your chosen tiles. Think long and hard about the compatibility of your chosen design. 

Maintain the Tiles Properly 

Regularly cleaning the tiles will keep them neat and ensure they’ll last as promised. How should you clean porcelain tiles? A good broom, vacuum, or dust mop eliminates dust, debris, and dirt every day. If there’s stubborn dirt, pour some hot water on it before using a soft nylon brush to remove it. Scrubbing a dry tile might damage the glaze. 

Removing stains sounds overwhelming, too. Stains are sore to the eyes, so you should never just let them be. You can use a cleaning solution as long as it is safe for glazed tiles or use household products. Combining 1/4 cup of white vinegar with two gallons of water is an effective way to remove stains. Let the mixture soak for 10 minutes and rinse the tiles with water. 

Pick the Right Type of Porcelain Tiles 

There are two types of porcelain tiles. The first is a through-bodied porcelain tile, while the second is a glazed porcelain tile. Through-bodied tiles are hard and dense. They are best used for countertops, floors, and wall coverings because they are resistant to chips and scratches. They are also less porous and slip-resistant. This type of porcelain tile is mainly suitable for bathrooms and kitchens or other areas where water spillage is common.

 On the other hand, glazed porcelain tiles are rigid and watertight. They have become popular because of their shiny exterior. Although these tiles are water-resistant, they are not recommended for bathrooms and kitchens because they tend to be slippery. Most homes will use this type of tiles in their living rooms because of their decorative qualities. Although these tiles are appealing, they are not for commercial purposes. You will usually find these tiles in homes.

 The Takeaway

 Since porcelain tiles are more expensive than other ceramic tiles, you need to make the most out of your investment. Knowing what kind of tiles is suitable for your homes will help you budget your flooring expenses. Also, taking care of the tiles well should help them last for a long time and protect your hard-earned investment.

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