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Inspiring Tips For Outdoor Tiles

One of the most creative ways to transform your patio or pool space is by installing ceramic or porcelain outdoor tiles. Both tile materials are durable and can stand up to moisture and weather conditions. Ceramic and porcelain are also easy to maintain and keep clean. When it comes to design and style, the sky is the limit when choosing outdoor tiles, using them to turn your patio into a beautiful and elegant area of your home. Here are our top 6 favourite design tips for outdoor tiles:

1. Harmonize Exterior with Interior

Consider synchronizing the outside of your home with your interior style design. To achieve this, choose outdoor floor tiles with some of the same colours and patterns that you’ve decorated with inside. For instance, if blue tones are one of the predominant colours in your kitchen, carry this colour to the outside. Opt for outdoor tiles that match that same colour tone to create a cohesive flow throughout.

2. Mosaics

Mosaic tiles are available in a wide range of colours, patterns, and sizes. You can easily customize your outdoor space in unique ways that match your personal style. Use ceramic or porcelain outdoor tiles as patio flooring, in the pool area, or along the bottom half of exterior walls. To create a tropical atmosphere, choose mosaic tiles with bright floral patterns. Or install pebble mosaic tiles for a flagstaff patio style.

3. Dining Al Fresco

If tiling your entire outdoor space isn’t in your budget, why not add outdoor tile only to your patio dining area so you can eat al fresco? Select tiles to match the current trends in tile flooring or choose colours and patterns that bring out your own personality. A great option is matt grey porcelain tiles with a design to mimic wooden strips – this creates a calm and soothing space to dine.

4. Earth Tone Tiles

Earth tones are always in style. And you’re not just limited to colour – beige, brown, tans, and subtle orange patterns bring a relaxing and peaceful feeling to your patio or pool area. For a bit of contrast and texture, choose outdoor tiles in matching yet subtly different colour shades.

5. Modern Black and White

Installing black and white outdoor tiles gives your patio a modern twist while at the same time acting as the perfect backdrop to flowers and plants. Use larger sized tiles for small areas to give the illusion of a bigger space. For larger areas a good option is tiles with black and white patterns to bring the space together.

6. Outdoor Feature Wall

An outdoor feature wall can be a real showstopper in your outdoor space. Choose a wall that can be tiled from top to bottom as the backdrop to your patio dining set or an informal seating area. A trending design style is mixing up colours and sizes of vertical striped outdoor tiles and installing them in a cohesive and flowing pattern. A good colour palette is a combination of green and turquoise tones to create the feeling of a refreshing oasis. For more design inspiring ways to use ceramic or porcelain outdoor tiles, talk to a knowledgeable floor tiles supplier.

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