Kitchen Wall Tiles

Modernize With Kitchen Wall Tiles

One of the top renovations for homeowners is updating and modernizing the kitchen. Whether your kitchen feels boring and outdated, or you’re just ready for a new look, kitchen wall tiles are a great place to start. Tiles are available in infinite colours, shapes, and sizes which can make choosing the right tile confusing and intimidating. Here’s how to choose the perfect wall tiles for your kitchen:

1. Where to Tile

Consider what surfaces of the kitchen you want to cover with tile. While the most common use for kitchen wall tiles is as a backsplash underneath wall cabinets and behind the stove, you’re not limited to this use of tiles. Modern ceramic and porcelain tiles can also be used on countertops and on any wall to add both colour and design to the room. If applying tile to more than one area you have the option of using the same colour and pattern throughout to create a uniform style or using additional colours for a contrasting look.

2. Tiles for Small Kitchens

If you have a small kitchen, installing bigger sized tiles can make the room look larger. A good way to achieve this is by using tiles in neutral colours. You might want to choose a soft white colour subway tile for the backsplash while applying a bolder and smaller tile for the border.

3. Creative Backsplashes

Kitchen wall tiles used for the backsplash allow you to be a little more creative than tile on countertops. You can choose ­painted and glossy tiles that add a bold design and flair to the kitchen. Mosaic tiles are making a comeback and let you bring an interesting and unique personal style to the room.

4. Choose the Right Grout

The grout you use can make all the difference in both functionality and tile design. Choosing the right colour grout can either pull the eye to the overall pattern of the tile or emphasize each individual tile itself. If you’re using neutral coloured tiles, white or light-coloured grout will blend right in. For a more daring look use a contrasting grout colour. This will bring more attention to the design pattern of your kitchen tile and accentuate the layout. Be sure to test out a few grout colours to see which option looks best.

5. Creative Decorative Effects

The shape and size of kitchen tiles you use can make all the difference to giving your boring kitchen a brand-new look. Trending today are subway tiles, used for both a tiled backsplash and as an accent wall. Choose from flat subway tiles or those with a bevelled edge, which can pick up interesting reflections and add even more design to the room. Another trending tile for kitchens is a hexagon shaped tile. A white hexagon for the backsplash paired with a bright white grout gives the room a sleek and modern look. Chevron patterned tiles are also becoming a popular option if you’re aiming for a fluid motion over a larger kitchen wall space. Apply tiles with the graphic arrows flowing up the wall to create the illusion of space. Looking for more ideas when it comes to kitchen wall tiles? Talk to your local floor tiles supplier for advice and tips.

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