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Pro Tips for Installing Your New Ceramic Tile

Laying tiles is a great way to brighten up a room, but you will want to make sure you do it right. The tiles do not require much maintenance once you have done the hard work of getting them installed. The small ceramic pieces require some preparation and care to survive and last a long time to come. Keep reading to learn more.

The Preparation

First, draw some chalk lines to mark the room’s center and show where to begin laying. Then you can place one tile where your lines meet, so the edges touch the lines. Then measure to the other wall and adjust the center tile until the two walls’ measurements are the same. Do the same things for the other two walls, so the tile is precisely in the center. If you have door casings right against the ground, you can trim them so the tile can go under them.

Laying the Tile

You will use a thin-set to ensure the tile adheres correctly to the ground. You can mix it with latex until it is about as thick as mayonnaise. Make sure you will use it within a couple of hours. You can then spread some over your tile area and add notches to it to let out the air. Next, you can lay the tile on the thin-set and push it down to set it. Make sure you are lining them up against a straightedge so they all line up perfectly. To ensure even joints, you can use tile spacers. Try working in a two-by-three-foot section at a time and start at the center of your room. As you finish every couple of rows, hold a framing square near the edge to see that everything is square. Try applying consistent pressure to prevent the tile from being at different heights.

Getting the Tile Around the Wall

Start by using a snap cutter to make some straight cuts. If you have more than an inch of wastage, you can score the tile and then break it off. A rubbing stone helps smooth the rough edge. If you have less than an inch of wastage, you can score the tile and use a wet saw to snap the pieces off. You will want to place grout in the tile after it sits overnight. You can scrape away thin-set using a margin trowel to remove it from the joints or tile surface. You can create a batch of grout and make it a little thinner than mayonnaise. Now, scoop it onto the flooring and spread it in the correct location. Make sure you push it into your joints and work diagonally to them. Then you can move toward the room’s center as you go.

Closing Thoughts

Following these tips will ensure that your tile lasts for many years to come. Remember, it might be some work to install the tile, but you will find it is worthwhile in the end.

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