Replace Ceramic tiles

Removing Your Old Ceramic Tile to Install New

When removing old ceramic tiles to replace them with new ones, you will want to follow a few steps to ensure you get the job done correctly. You can place some flooring over ceramic tile. Still, if you’re going to put new tiles, you will need or remove the old ones first. That way, the floor will not be too thick, preventing doors from opening correctly. While it is not hard to remove the tiles, it will take some effort, especially if you have older tiles in your home.

Taking Out the Flooring

You might find that the floor is over plywood, so you will want to be careful. But the process is often similar if you had cement or another material under the flooring. You can use hand tools to do so, and you might be able to use power tools as well. You can use a chisel attachment on a hammer drill, but if you use one, make sure that you take extra care with the flooring underneath. Understand that the process can create a lot of dust, and you might want to place sheeting around the work area so you do not get dust everywhere. That can keep the ventilation system from getting dust in it, and it will stop particles from moving around the house. It is crucial to wear hearing protection, eye protection, work gloves, and a dust mask when removing the tiles. The chiseling and hammering might kick up a bit of mortar or tile, and that can damage your eyes. You may find there are sharp pieces of tile, which can cut you.

Preparing the Area

Before starting, prepare the area to avoid damage to the other places. Remove any doors, trim, molding, and other items that could interfere. Try to cover up doorways or air vents with plastic to reduce the spread of dust. Tiles often create fine dust, and that can get everywhere in your home. Start somewhere that lets you access it quickly, as the doorway. Go to the grout lines and break up the tile. Be careful since the edges will be sharp and can cut your fingers. When using the hammer, be cautious with it since it might damage the framing under the flooring.

Removing the Tiles

Once you have broken up some of the old tiles, you can place a floor scraper under your tile and pry it up. If you can pry up more, you will not need to do as much hammering, and that can reduce the risk of damage. Place the scraper under the bits of tile, prying them off the surface of the subflooring. With a bit of effort, you can get them to come off. Continue working your way around the room by hammering and scraping.

Finishing Up

You may find that you need to use a chisel and a hammer to take off the grout and adhesive on the flooring’s bottom portion. Of course, that will depend on the type of flooring, but you will want to get that as smooth as you can before finishing up. Following these steps will ensure a great result.

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