Quality Ceramic Tiles

Telltale Signs of Quality Ceramic Tiles

Renovating your home or building a new one involves many important decisions, including picking the right materials. Naturally, you want materials that will last for years and make your space look beautiful. Take tiles, for example. You know you want ceramic because of its durability and versatility. But how do you know if it’s a quality pick? Proper knowledge makes it easy to spot a quality ceramic tile.

 Why Quality Matters

The main reason to go for a quality ceramic tile is longevity. A poorly made one may crack or chip easily, requiring you to replace it sooner rather than later. Not only is this a waste of money, but it’s also inconvenient and time-consuming.

 4 Ways to Identify Quality Ceramic Tiles

 1.      Checking Water Absorption Rates

 The main reason ceramic tiles are so durable is their low water absorption rates. Thanks to the standards set by the ASTM, ceramic tiles undergo tests to measure their water absorption. Quality tiles have a 0.5% or less rating, meaning they can withstand spills and moisture without damage. You can spill a glass of water on it or even install it outdoors without worrying about the tile warping or deteriorating.

 To know the water absorption rate, check the tile’s packaging or ask the supplier. You can also conduct the water absorption test yourself on a tile sample. Do this by dripping water onto the tile’s surface and seeing if it diffuses into the material.

 2. Weighing the Tile

 Quality ceramic tiles have a hefty weight to them, as they are denser and more robust. On the other hand, poorly made ceramic tiles may be lighter and more fragile. The weight will also contribute to their water absorption rates and durability.

3. Examining the Edges

 The edges of a quality ceramic tile should be smooth and even, without any roughness or jaggedness. This indicates that it was cut correctly and precisely, contributing to its overall strength and appearance.

 You’ll also notice that poorly made ones may have rough or uneven edges, creating gaps or an unsightly appearance when installed.

 4. Tapping the Tile

 Tapping may seem like a silly trick, but it can reveal a lot about the quality of the ceramic tile. Give it a tap with your finger or a small object, and listen for any hollow sounds. Quality tiles will have a solid and dense sound, while low-quality ones may produce a hollow noise.

 This method also applies when installing the tiles. If they sound hollow when walked on, it’s a sign that they were not made well and may require replacing sooner.

 Never Worry About Quality Again

Choosing quality ceramic tiles may come at a higher cost upfront. But in the long run, it will save you time and money from having to replace them frequently.

 As a manufacturer and distributor of ceramic tiles, Club Ceramic offers a wide range of quality options for your home or commercial space. Our tiles undergo strict testing and inspections to ensure they meet the highest durability, strength, and appearance standards. See our product catalog for quality, beautiful ceramic tiles.

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