Purchasing Ceramic Tiles

Things to Consider When Purchasing Ceramic Tiles

You finally decided to have ceramic tiles installed in your home. However, before buying anything, you need to consider several factors. After all, you want to end up with a floor that’s not only beautiful but also functional. To make the buying process easier, here are some helpful tips.

Different Types of Tiles

There are different types and sub-types of ceramic tiles, each with unique benefits. This tile is either the quarried type, which means it consists of extruded shale or clay, or it’s made with compacted clay dust. Regardless, ceramic tile is natural. So, if you prefer environment-friendly products, you’ll love this. You’ll also need to select between glazed and unglazed. Glazed tile is the more popular of the two. For this, the glaze is either liquid glass or enamel applied to the surface before firing in a kiln, whereas unglazed tile doesn’t go through this process. The biggest advantage of glazed ceramic tile is its low absorbability. In other words, it’s highly resistant to moisture, whether water or humidity. This option is also more stain-resistant than unglazed tile. However, the unglazed option also has benefits. For instance, it is denser and more slip-resistant and hides scratches better than glazed tile.

Room or Area Size

You need to factor in the size of the room or area where you want ceramic tile installed. With multiple choices, you can achieve any look you want. This usually entails selecting the size of the tile to coordinate with the size of the space. Simply put, large rooms get large tiles while small rooms get small tiles. However, no rule exists that says you can’t do whatever you want. For example, putting large ceramic tile in a smaller room or area can give the illusion of a larger space. Going with larger tiles also reduces the number of grout lines, which creates a clean aesthetic.

Texture, Pattern, and Colour

When buying ceramic tile from a reputable company, you’ll discover a broad range of each of these. These allow you to personalize your floor based on the specific room or area and how it’s used. If you put tile in your kitchen, you might prefer something a little more traditional, but if installed outdoors by a pool, perhaps you want tile with popping color and personality.

Tile Shape

You might think that ceramic tile only comes in squares, but there are many additional options. Some of those include mosaic, rectangular, and diagonal. To give a room or space extra depth and character, consider diagonal tiles. If you want a beautiful design incorporated on the surface, mosaic tile is ideal. You can even create contrasting borders by using rectangular tile.

Special Features

Thanks to advances in technology and processes, a top manufacturing company can customize ceramic tile to match specific criteria. For instance, you might want tile with an anti-slip surface or maybe tile that doesn’t frost over. Again, consider where you’ll have the tile installed, and based on that, consider all the available special features.

Your Most Trusted Source

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