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Tile Solutions that Can Make a Small Room Look Big

When it comes to installing ceramic tiles, there’s an unfortunate myth that some people believe. That myth is that tiles make rooms appear smaller. In truth, by using the right color, size, shape, and configuration, ceramic tiles can make a small area appear large. So, if you have a bathroom, laundry room, entryway, or some area in your house with limited space, don’t automatically discount ceramic tiles. Regardless of the plan that you ultimately go with, always buy a quality product. That way, it will be easier to install and last a long time.  

Creating an Illusion of Space With Ceramic Tiles

With a little research, you can find multiple ways to use ceramic tiles to open up a room, so it looks bigger. To get started, you might consider one of the following suggestions.  
  • Go Big – Another myth is that large ceramic floor tiles visually shrink a room. However, the opposite is true. Small-sized tiles, especially when used to create a mosaic design, make rooms look busy and cluttered in some instances. To give a tiny area of your home the illusion of space, choose larger floor tiles.
  • Stick to Lighter Colors – Today, ceramic tiled comes in almost every color imaginable. While that’s exciting, to make a small room look big, it’s best to stick to lighter colors. This applies whether having ceramic tiled installed on floors or walls. Again, bright colors can make a small space look busy, whereas dark tile absorbs light that makes an already small room look even smaller.
  • Choose Glossy Tile – When you purchase ceramic tiles from a trusted source, not only will you find an array of amazing colors but also finishes. If the goal is to make a small area appear larger, choose glazed tile. Light bounces off the surface, which again opens a room up visually.
  • Plain is Better – Considering all the fantastic ceramic tile patterns available, it’s tempting to go in that direction. That might work for some rooms, but for those on the smaller side, plain tile or something with a subtle pattern works best.
  • Create Harmony – Here’s another excellent tip for making a small room look big. Match the color of the floor tiles to the wall paint. When floor and wall colors contrast, they cut up space. Colors that harmonize make a room flow, thereby making it look bigger than it is.
  • Consider a Diamond Layout – Even the configuration of the ceramic tile plays an important role in whether a room appears big or small. Perhaps one of the best options is to have tile installed using the diamond layout. Although a somewhat straightforward configuration, it still looks amazing while preventing the room from looking busy.

Turn to the Tile Experts for Advice

As you can see, you have many incredible options to make a small room in your home look big with ceramic tiles. For even more awesome ideas, contact one of our representatives at Club Ceramic. As a leader in the ceramic tile industry, we can help transform any room of your home.

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