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Floor Tiles: 5 Trends For Modern Design

Whether you’re renovating or building from new, you can’t go wrong when you choose kitchen or bathroom floor tiles. With so many different flooring options available, tile is a smart investment that can instantly transform the feel and look of your home. Not only functional, tile flooring is also a great way to refresh any room by adding colour and design. Here are some of the top trends in tile today:

1. Black and White Vintage

Ready for a bit of nostalgia? Vintage with black and white floor tiles is back in style, adding both a modern and contemporary look to any room in your home. But this time it’s more than just black and white tiles laid out in a simple pattern. Vintage has taken on a new look, with bold graphic patterns using a combination of small and large tiles. Consider using the versatility of black and white in your laundry room or front hallway.

2. Large Scale Floor Tiles

Available in both ceramic and porcelain, large scale tiles come in a wide variety of designs and colours. These large format tiles can make small rooms look larger without overwhelming the space. For a continuous and flowing design, using the same tile throughout your kitchen, pantry, and hallway will give the illusion of a smooth and refined look. Another advantage to using large floor tiles is that with minimal grout lines, they’re easy to clean and care for, making them ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

3. Bright Modern Hues for the Bathroom

Tile flooring in the bathroom is longer lasting, durable, and easier to clean than carpet or wood. But floor tiling doesn’t have to be limited to neutral colours. Today’s trend is to add flair and style to your home décor by using bright modern colour in the bathroom. Install soft white tiles in the shower and on the walls – then go bold and beautiful on the floor. Use either a solid modern hue, such as a vibrant blue-green. Or make your space even brighter with a mixed palette of floor tile using varying shapes and colours while being consistent with pattern.

4. Bring Pattern to the Kitchen

Kitchen floor tiles are taking a leap into pattern and colour. If your kitchen is looking a little boring, patterns are a good way to modernize the room without re-doing the backsplash or swapping out cabinets. A geometric pattern can create a contrasting design that’s both striking and bold. Or consider a statement pattern using floral or polka dot tiles.

5. Faux Hardwood Tiles

If you like the look of hardwood but want the durability and strength of tile there’s the perfect solution. Porcelain tiles that look just like wood will bring warmth and coziness to a room. You’ll get the benefit of a classic hardwood design while enjoying the functionality of tile flooring. Choose light faux wood patterns for larger rooms and a darker wood style for smaller rooms. Looking for more tips and advice? A qualified floor tiles supplier like Club Ceramic can help you make design decisions that fit into your budget and renovation plan.

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