Tile your bathroom

Is It Wise to Re-tile Your Bathroom?

Many people avoid retiling their bathrooms because the process is a ton of work. Should that really be a reason for you to avoid renovating one of the essential rooms in your house?

 After all, the bathroom is a place of solace. Even moms who are so stressed out by taking care of the whole household often use the bathroom as an escape. It’s that one room in the house where even your clingy toddlers cannot get to you.

 So, if you are thinking about retiling your bathroom, just go for it. There is nothing better than seeing new ceramic tiles on your bathroom’s floor and walls. Of course, you need to choose a suitable texture, design, style, and size for the tiles, but that’s an exciting rather than stressful problem.


Why People Are Against Retiling

 Most homeowners are against putting new tiles in the bathroom because of the cost and time. The average cost to retile a bathroom is $2,400 to $8,500. That price will include the floor, walls, and shower. Bathroom tiles installation usually costs between $7 and $25 per square foot for labor and materials. The money you have to spend will depend on the size of the bathroom.

 The general rule in tiling a room is that the size and orientation of the tile’s layout will affect the overall cost. Bigger tiles will mean a faster installation process. This means lower labor costs and higher materials costs since big tiles are usually more expensive. Smaller tiles are cheaper, but that also means the installer will spend more time on the project.


Why You Should Say ‘Yes’ to Retiling

 If your bathroom tiles look old and moldy, it is enough reason to change them. Most of the time, changing them entirely is better than spending hours trying to remove dirt and grime from them. Besides, dirty tiles often make the bathroom look outdated, even if it has a modern design.

 Retiling the bathroom has many benefits. First, it will increase your home’s value. Even a minor bathroom remodel can give you a 102% return once you decide to sell the house. Second, you should save money now while materials and labor are still cheaper. In a couple of years, the home renovation will be reserved for the rich because of the cost of materials and labor.

 Third, the bathroom will become more peaceful when you retile it. This is your own little space in your home. People spend time showering for 30 minutes because that destresses them. So, you should always find a way to improve your bathroom. Fourth, retiling makes your bathroom look neater. Nothing makes a bathroom look cleaner than a fresh set of tiles.

 Lastly, this is your chance to opt for eco-friendly fixtures in the bathroom. Go for low-flow faucets and showerheads. You can opt for an eco-friendly toilet bowl, too. These will help you save on the water bill and conserve environmental resources.


The Takeaway

 If you have the time and the budget, retiling your bathroom is a must. This investment will not go to waste since you can recuperate the money if you decide to sell the property. Don’t spend another day not having the bathroom of your dreams.

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